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    Message from our CEO

    Message from our CEO

    As one of the world’s automotive technology leaders, Lear is a company built on a foundation of strong principles and standards that we consistently strive to not just meet, but exceed every day. Our dedication to innovation and operational excellence—as well as maintaining a positive, diverse team environment, filled with many opportunities for all our talented employees—is conducive to our success as a business and as individuals striving to make an impact in our communities.

    In alignment with our mantra, Where Passion Drives Possibilities, we take active measures to ensure our passion for our work is also channeled into creating possibilities for a better world. This means that we prioritize safety in our working environments, sustainability in our operations and products, and reduction of natural resource consumption. Supporting communities around the world is an integral part of who we are, and it’s deeply ingrained in our DNA.

    Overall, our purpose as a company is not only to strive for innovation in our products, but to be good corporate stewards of the earth while giving back to humanity. Through our Operation GIVE, we demonstrate a commitment to improving economic well-being, educational preparedness, and environmental vitality—each of which is necessary for people around the world to thrive in their daily lives. The Lear family is comprised of extraordinarily talented employees, partners, and customers who demonstrate solidarity in working together to achieve our purpose—sustaining our environment for future generations. I want to personally thank everyone for their efforts in contributing to this cause, helping us to implement our sustainability and community giving strategy, and setting Lear apart from the rest.


    Ray Scott
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Lear Corporation

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